About Us

Founded in 1977, the Commonwealth Society of India is a network that strives to improve the prospects of the members of Commonwealth of nations. The society as a whole follows the ideals of the Commonwealth. It is affiliated with the Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) and supports the values of the Commonwealth Royal Charter (amended 2013). Over the years the society has acted as a forum to promote various international developments and strengthen ties between Commonwealth nations. The Commonwealth Society of India continues to follow the six affirmations underlining the intrinsic values which the Commonwealth shares. Five of these affirmations remain constant and the sixth changes annually depending on the Commonwealth theme for the year.
  1. Human Worth
  2. Stewardship of the Earth
  3. Equality, Justice and Peace
  4. The Primacy of Love
  5. Unity in Diversity – Service and Sacrifice
  6. Team Commonwealth – Celebrating the Shared Goals and Values of Commonwealth Nations